Welcome to the Providence, RI Domain of the White Wolf fan Club, The Camarilla.

Domain: The House Next Door, RI-001


The updated mail lists can be accessed here: Midnight Dance

For announcements please see our Announcements forum.

About Us

We have been active since January of 2001.

You are invited to explore our site and get a feel for the city of Providence in the World of Darkness.

The Camarilla is an organization that specializes in global Live Action Role Play, also known as LARP. It is set in the White Wolf World of Darkness.

If you are intersted in attending one of the LARP games we host please contact the Domain Coordinator or the appropriate Story Teller. You can find links to their email on the Contacts page.

We currently offer both Vampire: The Rquiem and Mage: The Awakening for game play. In addition we often have a pre-game social and/or charity event.

About Providence

For a quick glance of the real world Providence check out ProvidenceRI.com.

Our latest addition to the domain has extended into the World of Warcraft. Feel free to hang out with the Knights of the Realm, RI Domains own Guild on the server Gilneas.
You can also check us out at kotr.guildomatic.com